Sunday, January 9, 2011

3am at KL airport

Its a interesting experience flying into an airport at 2:45 am and disembarking, only to follow a trail of weary travellers on auto pilot to the baggage claim and customs area. Customs don't appear to work at this hour, or perhaps I went though the wrong gate (aircrew gate?). Quickest immigration/customs ever.

All in the same it meant pulling up stumps on a bench on the departures level (much quieter and away from light) to catch some sleep for the next 3 hours, which the body appreciated greatly. 
Kuala Lumpur Airport - Departures Level Main Terminal

The train system from the airport is excellent and cheap enough, 35RM one way (approx $11AUD), journey time about 30mins.

Checked in to Reggae Guest House 1 which is downtown in the Chinatown area, they have a single air conditioned dorm sleeping 6 and a number of private twin rooms, free toast for brekky, coffee and tea all day. Time to sort out travel plans and check out the local hospitality.

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