Monday, January 10, 2011

Day one, things escalated

The remainder of day one included walking around town becoming acquainted with the surroundings and drinking many coffees (and the occasional Guinness). Merdeka Square was the first open landmark I stumbled upon (after the Central Market), and was established by the British during their colonisation of Malaya two centuries ago. Its where the Malaysian flag was raised for the first time, and where Malaysians gather every Aug 31st for Independence day celebrations. 
Merdeka Square
The city is quite easy to find your way around, with a canal running through, and the Petronas Towers and KL tower as good reference points to get your bearings.

Downtown KL, Canal
KL Tower
Petronas Towers
Theres also plenty of cheap eats to be had. Chinatown has a large amount of.... yes Chinese food. The north of the city has an array of Indian restaurants where you can indulge in a sweat enhancing vindaloo, tempered by some soothing raita. Todays lunch was executed by a collection of Warung along Lorong Bunus Satu, and hit the spot. Although cheap eats are located all over town, there are a large number located along the entire length of Jalan Alor, consisting of mostly Chinese but also Malay and bbq/satay. Most meals at these temporal establishments can be found for between 3-9RM ($1-3AUD).
Jalan Alor

Warung along Jalan Alor
Claypot Chicken Rice
Although not one of my interests, KL is known for its shopping. There are several large shopping centres in the Bukit Bintang area (where many of the larger hotels are located), which have every Designer store you could imagine, as well as other retailers such as Marks and Spencer, Quicksilver, Billabong, Nokia.
Pavilion Mall, Bukit Bintang
If you are after a travel power adapter, you can get one which does every socket you'll probably  need and also surge protection from the Harvey Norman at the Mid Valley Megamall for RM20.

Day ended around 3am at the Reggae Bar at Changkat, Bukit Bintang, following the Man Utd v. Liverpool game, and a number of missions to the Convenience store for beer. Drinking out and about is expensive in KL, even more so at the nightclubs with a standard beer approx RM24.
Reggae Bar, Bukit Bintang
Will see what tomorrow holds, after some toast and coffee.

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