Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fun Times in Moiwa

We've spent the last two days riding Moiwa in some fairly special conditions. Moiwa is a small resort approx 20mins drive from Niseko Grand Hirafu, and comprises a double chair and a high speed hooded quad chair. Despite the limited number of lifts, the area accessible is good, and we were able to find fresh lines through to last lifts. 
Moiwa Ski Area (from base)
Its been about -10 deg C each day, and snowing on and off. We've had about 20cm each night, so its been perfect for some powder riding in the trees.
Yesterday morning we hit some new areas with our guide. Hiring a guide for the day is a good idea if your new to a mountain and in a group (as they can be expensive), especially if theres been plenty of fresh, as they know all the best places, can lead you to the best exits from areas, and advise where not to go (i.e. too far down into the valley where you need to hike out). We then had gate drills in the afternoon, which was useful but cold, with a lot of sitting around on the snow and riding the double chair during the activity.

We could have done with a guide this afternoon, as me and Kyle went a bit low (almost to the river), and had to hike out through thigh deep powder for 20mins. Lucky for us (unlucky for others) someone else had done the same thing, and when we came across their broken track it was much easier going around through the valley and into the carpark.
They also have an awesome dog working for the ski patrol. Rest day tomorrow, so heading for Kutchan tonight to check out Loaf Lounge.

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