Saturday, January 15, 2011


This morning I checked out the Omote-Sando area. The first stop was the spiral building which is just outside one of the exits from Omote-Sando station, within which there was a gallery exhibiting a number of fashion items. The rear of the building features a round room with a spiral shaped walkway encircling it, which I assume is what gives the building its name. At the top of the walkway there was a shop selling designer homewares and fine stationery.

The main street in Omote-Sando features a number of designer stores such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Chanel. Walking down to Omotesando Hills, I stumbled across a guy gutting a fish on the street (not sure what kind of fish), but he removed what looked to be a baby fish from inside it, along with a number of organs, with an interested group of onlookers gathering around.

Roppongi Hills Shop

Lunch was had at Hiroba, a cafe which features organic vegetarian food (with some meat/fish options). The lunch buffet was good value at 1260 Yen and recommended. Left feeling full and satisfied. The cafe itself is located down the stairs (below ground level) of the crayon house building 1 block away from Omote-Sando station.

Lunch at Hiroba

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