Saturday, January 15, 2011

Roppongi - land of party and tabasco!

This evening I met up with a few friends from the hostel and we explored Roppongi, an area known for its nightclubs and party times. If your heading to this area for a 'big night', the prices tend to be on the higher side than other areas of Tokyo, and there is definitely a greater degree of foreign influence. 

The first bar (and only as it turns out) bar we checked out was Geronimo Shot Bar, which is located right on Roppongi crossing. The bar had an American bartender and all the clientele were westerners, so it was like stepping through a portal into some poky sports bar in America, but without the sports. Beers start at 900 Yen, Shots, Cocktails and Wine are 1000 Yen and Champagne is available by the bottle. If you drink 15 shots here in one session you can have your name put up on a plaque on the wall. There are hundreds (thousands?) of plaques already in the bar, signifying long distant pre-hangover good times. Happy hour is also available here from 6-9pm with half price drinks available.
Roppongi Square
We had a beer at Geronimo then left to find another bar (seems this was turning into a pub crawl), but we did not manage to find anything with a decent happy hour (we did start late though). We found ourselves at the sbarro Italian food restaurant just down from Shibuya crossing where a competition ensued between the 4 of us shotting Tabasco sauce (rules - no chaser, first one to not take their shot forfeits the money they put down). A memorable end to the evening in any case. 

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