Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shaken and stirred simultaneously

Today got off to a bit of a slow start. Rose around 1030 and met up with a few others to venture towards the Batu Caves, which are approx 13km on the train north of town (RM1 each way from KL Sentral). The Sentul-Pel Klang train line was recently extended (Apr 2010) to run right up to the caves precinct, whereas before access was via bus or taxi. Simple transportation options were appreciated,  given the number of fruit tingles consumed in the wee hours of the morning at the Reggae Bar (Chinatown).
Reggae Bar in the Wee Hours (from the minds eye, or whatever?)
The Batu caves are a limestone landmark which rises abruptly out of otherwise flat terrain. The initial component consists of approx 200 stairs (although we weren't counting). There is a snack stall at the top of the stairs selling drinks which the guys haul up the stairs by the case, and inside the caves there are a number of religious structures. 
Outside Batu Caves
Inside the main cave
Theres also a number of monkeys which inhabit the stair area on the way up, and who also enjoy the regular flow of tourists providing them with salted snacks (and the occasional carbonated beverage). Hold onto your stuff as with all monkeys they are known to pinch electronic goods.
The train ride back was intense(ly slow), likely due to non-peak services, and rumbling stomachs. Trains run every 30 minutes from the terminus station, but they also tend to stop regularly for longer periods. After a couple of hours of recharging we headed to the theme park at Berjaya Times Square. This shopping mall is insane, 12 floors of retail intensity packed into a building that also houses a roller coaster a hotel, and a number of offices.
Berjaya Times Square
About 7 of the floors?
I do not recommend riding the DNA Mixer if you have eaten in the last hour. Probably the most nauseating ride I've been on, do ride it though, its 'fun'! The roller coaster here is great too, with a hidden invert and a loop.
Rollercoaster inside Berjaya Times Square
DNA Mixer - treat with caution ;)
And the bumper cars are a classic, and run for ages too. Well worth a visit if your in KL, tickets to the theme park are RM38, which gives you a wrist band that lasts the entire day (pass outs are permitted also, passing out however may occur involuntarily following a ride of the DNA Mixer).

Back to the Reggae Bar tonight for a Pina Colada or two.

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