Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shibuya and Harajuku

Shibuya is an intense area lit by electronic signs advertising the latest in music and fashion. There are a number of department stores in this area catering to the populaces diverse tastes. 109 store (female) and 109-2 store (male) are two large department stores which draw a number of the Tokyo's younger crowd. The area is also famous for Shibuya crossing, an intersection of 4 roads, which is arguably the busiest pedestrian intersection in the world. Each time the little green man illuminates, people flood the street and somehow manage to make it across without any collisions (no rushing or shoving due to the considerate nature of everyone here).
Shibuya Crossing
To the East of Shibuya is Harajuku, an area famous for the funky youth who dress up in the latest goth/lolita/punk/visual kei/decora/cosplay character and walk the streets. It is also home to Takeshita which sells a multitude of fashion items and buzzes with activity on the weekends. Its a great place to pick up some clothing, and with trends in Tokyo changing so quickly, you can usually bag a bargain. Keep an eye out for the 390 Yen stores too, which have clothing, accessories and trinkets for the price of a cheap takeaway meal.
Takeshita St, Harajuku
Tonight I'm off to Hokkaido for some snowboarding fun!

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