Thursday, December 29, 2011

Airports and onto Geneva

The journey continues... silly me booked my outward flight to Geneva from London City Airport (LCY) (not knowing where the airport is located or how I would get there from Leicester). One coach, two underground trains, and a light rail trip later and I arrived at the terminal.

LCY is a pretty cool airport (if you could consider airports to be regarded as such), with one of the most well equipped waiting areas I've been in. You can also purchase some of the 'worlds finest wines' by the glass here, at around 300-400 GBP per glass. I passed on this occasion but may indulge when fortunes have been made. Heaps of charging outlets and fast free wi-fi provides an internet fix, supplemented by a number of caffeine dispensing outlets.

London City Airport - Departures Lounge

I wrote most of this post from Heathrow airport though, as the thing about LCY is that the planes which can access this airport are small, and the flight I was booked on happened to be overbooked, and everyone has ski gear (with additional weight), so the plane was too heavy to take off with all on board (without running the risk of colliding with the O2 centre, or other downtown structures).

My former steed

Swiss were taking volunteers to take a different flight. Since I was in no rush I transferred to one leaving from Heathrow which arrived several hours later (but with 250 EUR to compensate, and a couple of airport snacks was not a bad compromise, Swiss thanks for taking up my bar tab :) ). The taxi driver also made it across town in less than an hour, which was a pretty amazing feat during peakhour.

There is no comp wifi access in Heathrow though... bummer, so this post reaches you from Geneva! After 2 swiss cheese sandwiches (the swiss cheese does taste better in Switzerland), and landing in heavy fog, I've ventured to the hostel under the cover of darkness and am setting a direction for the morning (I should really do some planning before I get into a new city). Will update you when I have some interesting stuff, rather than airports and cheese sandwiches. I've just learnt that CERN is closed until Jan 5th :(

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