Sunday, December 18, 2011

Battersea and Borough Market Adventures

I arrived into Battersea last night a bit later than expected after confronting Thursday night London traffic (and I thought Sydney traffic was BAD.. hmm) and met up with Anthony who has been living here the last 6 months. We decended on a local bar for some thai food and Guinness. After probably the spiciest Pad Kee Mao I've had in a long time, we moved on to another cool bar called The Secret Garden for an ale (it was ok, I mainly ordered it because it was called DOOM ale, and my Doom levels were low at the time). Finished the night with some nachos (yeah we were hungry) and more beer, and a fairly civil turn in at 1am.

Today I wanted to run early but London had other plans, and the idea of running in rain/sleet along the river in the wind did not seem that appealing, so I postponed until the afternoon and hit Borough Markets instead for a feed.

The evening became a traditional Christmas drinks (houseparty) where I met some cool people, then learnt how far it is from Clapham Common to Battersea. All in all a good day in London, hopefully more running tomorrow!

Borough Markets, Central London

Borough Markets, Central London

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