Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm in London still

So i've seen most of the sights of London by now (kinda - if you can count Hammersmith fire station pub, Sloane Square, Chelsea, South Kensington, Westminster, the river Thames, Battersea Power Station and numerous bars near Clapham Junction). Managed to avoid the usual tourist spots apart from running past the Big Ben and through some Christmas markets which have been assembled around Embankment, and narrowly missed taking out sudden pausers and direction changers encountered in my path (seems kind of worse this time of year when situational awareness takes a second priority to a cup of mulled wine or some quality cheese). I've been to London a few times now so would prefer a reception at the palace with the higher ups rather than viewing the place from the street (but my chances of achieving that are as slim as the cigarettes smoked by those 'stylish' cats in Chelsea).

Sloane Square by Night

London is a cool place in the winter, not only in temperature but also in vibe. Its also amazingly flat, so if your looking for a place to do some mountain running, there are probably better places to go. This does however favor cycling, and there are a number of points through the city where you can pick up a 'rental bicycle' to head where you please (the first time I've seen this kind of thing, great idea for inner city dwellers who do not have a car, and encourages more people to get into cycling!). Exploring on foot provides a good perspective and allows you to get a feel for the city and its people.

Albert Bridge, West London

Following last nights pub crawl, which involved two pubs (oops - we stayed too long in the first one, its really hard to get 12 or so people to all finish a drink around the same time too) and a club unknown to me, I returned to my friends house to cook up a 3am feed (somehow I had forgotten to eat dinner - must have been the Guinness) and retire to bed. Today I dusted off the cobwebs with another foray along the river and back (without getting lost in Battersea park this time), and met with a colleague for a pub lunch prior to boarding the national express bus back to Leicester, caffeinated beverage in hand.

London its been fun, see you soon.

Battersea Power Station

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