Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day one, things escalated (again)

We rocked into Pila (which is near Aoste, Italy) around 9pm on new years eve as the Mont Blanc tunnel was closed and we needed to drive the long way, up what appeared to be a fairly treacherous road to be traversing in a motor coach. Missed dinner at our lodge but contingency arrangements were made for a feed at Gallagher's Pub which is a short walk away. We got into the bar around 9:30pm, our group being the first there, but it gradually filled to capacity which was a good suprise. The local population starts their bar socials late here.

Things escalated towards 00:00 and shortly thereafter people were dancing on tables and getting epic. I learnt a new drink called Purple Rain, which involves lighting a shot in a double tall glass, extinguishing and consuming the contents, then snorting the remnants of the shot off the underside of an upturned wine glass when you are done (no idea what was in the shot though - may find out later).

So after what was many hours and attempts to bail the party early, the head hit the pillow around 4am, and we started new years day on about 3 hours sleep. We spent the next day with some mellow snowboarding mostly shaking out the cobwebs and finding the legs, but lack of sleep and a hangover didn't help too much. It was also a beautiful clear day, which made things very bearable :) The day finished with a good meal and early night.

Pila is a pretty cool resort, they have a decent terrain park (probably on the smaller side, but there is variety, and nobody is riding it), a super pipe (somewhere, haven't found it yet), and way less boarders than skiers for some reason (probably an 90/10 ratio). This makes the riding around interesting. The layout is a little confusing and we are still getting our bearings.

Today we met our coach/instructor and got into some light drills and getting to know everyone's riding (as well as slowing things down and breaking some habits). Tomorrow will probably be more of the same, with some snow to improve the conditions.

Happy days :)

Fantastic view from lodge balcony

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