Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So London we meet again..

London, arrive after 23hr flight to Heathrow... 8pm.... where is passport control... follow the people in front, they'll know where to go.... find passport control - check... attempt to use e-gate... fail.... fix with human intervention... win... ok find bags - this looks right... collect bags... drift through customs... find underground... Highbury and Islington - ok Victoria Line.... jump aboard train... feel the warm subway air... think of how good a shower would be right now... arrive at stop.. walk outside... start to freeze.. which way... walk the wrong way... internal compass kicks in... walk the right way... arrive at Katrina's house... hoorah!

Mind was a bit of mush after that long on a plane, but I eventually made it to Katrina's. She was away for the weekend but Barry and Ronald sorted me out with some wine... and food... and FIFA13... awesome hosts! Somehow I managed to stay awake for a couple more hours and crack out a few games (probably as my body clock was telling me it was 9am and I'd just pulled an all-nighter).

A few things I've learned so far:
- Gin can be your friend, although the airline blend is super strong!
- As soon as the doors are armed and cross check.... nail that empty row of seats you spotted on your way in.
- The aisle seat is awesome for wandering around the plane at random intervals - although when the crew don't want you doing this (seemed everyone on the plane wanted to go for a walk), over-zealous use of the seatbelt sign will occur.
- Oyster card = win. Opal card should work nicely in Sydney.
- I'm not completely terrible at FIFA13... watch out Adam.

Heading up to Leicester, probably a quiet week.

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