Monday, June 3, 2013

Chill times in Leicester, escalating in Krakow

Got up to Leicester on Tuesday ok after a shady start (thanks to a BBQ and two bottles of red the night before, shared of course - but I'm a bit of a lightweight), BBQ'ed Camembert (awesome - bringing this one home), a last minute hustle to Victoria coach station, whilst attempting to consume a half-drinkable Starbucks filter coffee... should have bought the small...

BBQ Camembert - dip some bread - go on!
Leicester is a lot nicer in the summer, than in the middle of winter. Weather has been pretty awesome for the UK, around 16-19deg most days, and it got up to 23 which felt like summer here. The last few days have involved uni work (should have completed that before I left - doh!), a bit of running around town, visiting aunts and uncles and chilling with my parents and brother.

Beautiful UK weather!
Flew to Krakow this afternoon, via Ryanair. Heard mixed reviews about this airline - if you are thinking of flying with them just be prepared to be sold an upgrade or product every step of the way, and doing it all again when you go to print your boarding pass. Oh and make sure your bag fits in the carry on bag test cage thing (i.e. don't overpack - it was humorous watching people cram their bags into the cage at the boarding gate). Given all of that they did arrive on time.

Krakow is awesome, although I've arrived late so haven't had a good chance to take a good look around this beautiful city. Went for a quick wander into the main square and bumped into a fellow TNF100 runner who ran in the original 2008 event. Taking it easy tonight, and so is the hostel crew after a big weekend - I've heard this town likes to party.

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