Saturday, June 15, 2013

Krakow, Vienna, Bratislava, Palma... phew

Since my last post I've covered some ground. Krakow was great for party and historical aspects, and also fantastic for a run around. The old town houses plenty of bars and cafes, and 24 hour pierogi with various fillings (polish dumplings).

Hostel has been the best (Mosquito Hostel at the north end of the old town). Staff are amazing and take the time to run you through whats best to see in the local area, warn of scammy currency exchange places, and also keen to head out for a drink!

Following a few days in Krakow I caught the overnight train to Vienna, with a sleeper cabin to myself. Two nights in vienna provided time to visit the Vienna state opera which was showing Tosca. Standing tickets are available 90mins before the show for 3 to 4 euro, and the opera hall has small displays behind each seat/standing area showing the English translation of the performance.

From Vienna I travelled to Bratislava, Slovakia, before flying out to Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Spent the day seeing the castle, and getting lost on a run west along the Danube, which was experiencing some flooding. Spent a few days with the family in Palma exploring the local area including the castle which has fantastic views over the city and trying out the local fare, before boarding our cruise around the Mediterranean. Our ports of call: Gibraltar, Tangier (Morocco), and the Spanish ports of Malaga, Catagena, and Ibiza before returning to Palma for a few days.   

I've been for a few runs in each of the cities and its rather interesting. Fellow runners in Poland and Vienna will go as far as give you a wave when passing (an upgrade on the acknowledging nod which is occasionally exchanged). Not so in Palma however. 

Writing this from Malaga, Gibraltar and Tangier were interesting but will have to save this for a future post. Back to the ship in 2hrs so time to explore (photos to come).

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