Friday, December 20, 2013

Exiting the Emerald Isle

Phew... its been a busy 7 days since setting off from the UK over to Ireland and we've covered over 1200km, most of it under the cover of darkness owing to the short days here - 8am - 4pm provides very limited amounts of vitamin D. What we have seen though has been great. Visited many relatives along the way through Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork, Letterkenny, Buncrana. 

Glass blowers at the Waterford Crystal Factory
We also saw some good sights along the way including the specialist glass blowers and cutters at the Waterford Crystal factory in Waterford, some spectacular coastline in the north around Co. Donegal, and today had a look at the Thompson Graving Dock in Belfast which was one of the final finishing locations for the Titanic (in 1911) before her maiden voyage and the RMS Olympic - two of the largest ships of the time. 

Two of the three pumps -  two operating would pump out the dock (21 million gallons) in 100 minutes
Thompson Graving Dock
Long day of driving ahead... Dublin to Leicester to Oxford.  Below is our route through Ireland.

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