Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Time well spent

Well after 5 weeks of training and competition in the Austrian and French Alps I can say its been time well spent, and my body is well spent also. It wouldn't have been helped by the foregone 'rest days' in week 3 due to a winter storm providing powder riding opportunities, but who would pass up good pow to go have a rest anyway?

The snow was pretty unreliable for the first two weeks of January, perhaps seeing the impact the unseasonable warmth across a large part of Europe. 

Back home to the usual grind (and regular coffee grind). I must say its good to be home, although going straight back to work is a bit of a bummer. Once the jetlag fades and I have some idea of what is going on at work I think I'll be resting easier. Plenty of time to plan the next trip!